Rooms are probably the most popular rest place in the house, so decorating it to make sure it’s a place you actually look forward to spending time in a must. And that brings us to color, since coming up with a palette will likely drive the design process and set the mood for years to come. Whether you want something bold and bright, neutral, or moody, Brs Customs got tons of living room paint color ideas for you to get inspired by ahead. All you have to do is put on your overalls and grab a roller (the hardest part will be deciding between all these designer-approved living room colors).

Utilize these Below Color Tips to paint your Rooms.

1. Jester yellow color For Living Room:

Jester yellow is the new color for the family room – this energetic and happy lunch in this shade, which brings quiet and loosening up feeling into the current interior plan, making congruity and adjusted inside divider paint shading plans with a hint of yellow shading conceals, which enhances liveliness and stimulates the mind.

2. Blue Wool Wall Colour For Bathrooms:

Blue Wool is the new color for bringing light and it is ideal for a bathroom or any extra dark corner of your home. This dreamy color will make you feel like you are floating on a cloud in the sunny sky. Blue Wool helps to bring some brightness to space, especially when paired with simple white accents.

3. Purple and Gunmetal Grey :

Purple mixed with grey makes your home interior look more dignified and sophisticated. The outward nature of purple rightly blended with a neutral grey will come across as a distinguished wall paint color combination.

4. Orange with White for bedrooms:

Orange is the color of laughter and celebration. Orange mixed with white creates the perfect ambiance for a happy family. Orange dominates the scheme and unifies several spaces in your home. The purity of white and the cheerfulness of orange in your bedroom making it the best choice for your bedroom.

5. Grey on Grey:

Although a monochrome palette, Shades of grey builds texture in your home. Grey being a neutral color will give a pleasant and placid feel to your interiors. The shades of grey in your interior walls, add a classy and majestic look to your home.

6. Brown and Green :

We always tend to feel calm and collected while sitting in a park. It is the trees that ease our mood, making us feel fresh and calm. The same can be applied to the combination of earthy brown and green in your interior walls. This combination makes you feel fresh, and append a natural ambiance to your home.


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