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t BRS Custom Painting, we provide our clients with the level of service they deserve. From the initial estimate through the final walk-through and beyond, BRS has the knowledge and experience to provide a quality finished product for any home’s cosmetic lift.

We will ensure that you not only receive the highest quality craftsmanship, but also the highest quality customer service. We approach each and every job with the utmost integrity so that we can provide you with a paint job worth bragging about within the time frame and budget that we have agreed upon.  Here are just a couple reasons why you can trust us as your local St. Louis painter…

  • Training – Our painters are rigorously trained personally by Brandon, the Owner of BRS Custom Painting.
  • Quality Control – Many companies let the painters decide when a job is done.  We don’t.  Brandon reviews each job for quality control prior to “sign off”.
  • Happy Clients – We have so many positive reviews and happy clients that you can rest knowing that the job will be done flawlessly the first time!
  • Licensed & Insured – We protect our painters and your home.  Period. Other painting contractors might not, so be careful!
  • Flexibility – Some people want their homes painted fast.  Others want the best price possible.  Tell us your situation and we will adapt to it!

Affordable House Painting & Commercial Painting

At BRS we service residential and commercial painting customers in St. Louis, St. Charles, and Jefferson County as well.  If you are in the greater St. Louis metro area there is a great chance we can tackle your painting project quickly and at a great price.  Click below to learn about each of our 4 main services…

Interior Painting

With any St. Louis interior painting project, the amount of preparation completed prior to the application of any paint will determine the quality of the finished product. At BRS Custom Painting, we place a very high priority on the quality of our prep work to ensure the best possible outcome. We start this process by discussing the varying degrees of preparation with each homeowner to guarantee that we are both on the same page and that expectations are met. Whether that means repair of damaged tapelines, stress cracks, nail pops or any other type of damage to your walls and ceilings, the customer will determine what they want completed and BRS will follow through to meet their needs.

Often times, this simple process is the area where homeowner’s are hit with “hidden fees” from contractors. If the amount of prep work to be completed is not clearly outlined in the contract, then most contractors are going to complete the bare minimum amount of prep. Then, once all the paint has been applied, the homeowner begins to notice the imperfections that were not noticeable before and feel that the finished product is not up to their standards. So, in short, make sure that the level of preparation prior to painting is discussed thoroughly (and in writing) prior to the commencement of any project.

Now that we have covered the importance of preparation, the next process is the quality, color and sheen of paints that are going to be used. Using a quality paint is extremely important for any project in terms of longevity, durability and finish. Although you may be able to save some money on the initial purchase by using a cost efficient product, you will pay the price down the road when your finish begins to fade and you have to pay for another painting project.

Exterior Painting

The first step of the exterior painting process is the power washing of any areas that are to be painted. Power washing allows for the removal of any dirt, debris or mold from the substrates that will be painted and allows for a more uniform finish and better paint adhesion. Once the house has been thoroughly power washed, a sufficient amount of time must be allowed for the services to dry (usually 12-24 hours).

When BRS Custom Painting technicians arrive to begin painting, the crew leader and the homeowner will review the scope of work to ensure the right exterior surfaces are being painted with the correct colors. It is also at this time that the crew leader will discuss a suitable area for our technicians to clean out brushes, spray rigs and rollers. When using high quality tools making sure they are thoroughly clean in a proper manner after completion of work is extremely important.  Next the technicians will begin to scrape any loose paint, feather sand, caulk where needed and patch as necessary. It is also at this time that any wood replacement that is required for the scope of work will be replaced and properly primed to ensure a uniform finish.

If the painting is completed using a spray application, all windows and other necessary areas will be protected with paper tape and plastic. These areas also include gutters, downspouts, water spigots, concrete decks and landscaping. All paints used for exterior painting must be of the highest quality due to the fact that exterior surfaces are constantly exposed to harsh elements and must be durable enough to withstand the constant attack of mother nature.

Cabinet Painting

BRS Custom Painting, a A+ rated St. Louis cabinet painting company,  takes the necessary steps to ensure not only a beautiful finish, but a durable finish to withstand the day-to-day activities in your kitchen. Like any painting project, the first step is the preparation. All cabinet doors and drawers are removed, labeled and taken back to our shop. We then use a liquid de-glosser to remove the previous finish on all doors, drawers and cabinet bodies to ensure the the paint will adhere properly to the surfaces. All surrounding walls, the insides of the cabinet bodies and flooring are then covered using paper, plastic and drop cloths to ensure that only your cabinets are being painted. In addition to the preparation, it is very important to use the proper paints for cabinet painting to ensure the durability and finish is high quality. BRS Custom Painting uses Pro-Cryl (primer) and Sher-Cryl (finish) from Sherwin Williams on all of our cabinet painting projects.

Once all of the paintable surfaces have been de-glossed, we apply a primer coat using an HVLP (High Velocity Low Pressure) sprayer to ensure a uniform finish and just the right amount of paint. This is first done in the kitchen on the cabinet bodies and then we return to our shop to complete the same process on the doors and drawers. After all of the surfaces are primed, we allow a minimum of 24 hours for the primer to cure and bond to the substrate. Following this curing time, a finish coat is applied in the same manor as the primer coat. However, we extend the curing time of the finish coat to a minimum of 48 hours. As a rule of thumb, the longer you allow the paint to cure prior to re-installation, the more durable the finish will be.

Now that all surfaces have been de-glossed, primed and painted, BRS Custom Painting re-installs all of the doors and drawers, removes any paper, plastic or drop cloths and re-installs the cabinets’ hardware. We suggest that for a more drastic transformation that you purchase new handles for the doors and drawers to add a new accent to the cabinets. Once everything is re-installed, you will be free to use your cabinets in the same way you have in the past. Not only that, but you can brag to your friends and family about all of the money you saved by painting instead of replacing.

Commercial Painting

If you are a business owner you always want everything about your company to represent the pride you take in your business. Having a great looking place of business is a part of that and the way your business looks is often seen by your customers as a direct reflection of the type of business you run. People will choose to enter a business that looks clean and bright much sooner than they would one that looks dingy and unkempt. If your St. Louis area business needs a makeover then we at BRS Custom painting are here to help.  As a A+ rated St. Louis commercial painter We offer the finest interior and exterior commercial painting services in the area.

BRS Custom Painting goes the extra mile to satisfy our many customers. We would be more than happy to meet with you to discuss your business painting needs and to give you a detailed free estimate at that time. At that time we can help you come up with a creative solution that will not only help your commercial building to look great but will also help protect the investment you have in it. We also realize that every business has a budget to work with and we will come up with a way to work within your budget and still get the results you desire. We can even handle the most challenging of commercial painting projects and no project is too big or too small.

We are well aware that the reason most businesses sometimes start to look rundown is the fact that their owners are scared to interrupt their busy schedule. BRS Custom Painting is well aware of this and is sensitive to this situation. That is why we can help you in such ways as making our expert painting crews available to do your painting projects at night, on the weekends or even over the holidays. We complete all our work in a timely manner and also do that work in the most non-invasive manner possible so as not to disturb the day to day workings of your business.

Don’t See Your Service Here? That’s OK!

If it’s related to painting, and it’s the St. Louis metro area, there’s a good chance we do it. We offer wallpaper removal, drywall repair and prep, power washing, deck staining, and more. Click the button below and let us know what you need help with!

See What Our Customers Have To Say

We’re proud to say that after 7 years in business we have yet to have a negative review online.  Below you will see some of our most recent Google reviews, but we encourage you to check us out on Facebook, Yelp, the BBB, Houzz, and more!  Hiring the RIGHT painter is extremely important and if you hire us you are in good hands as you can see from what our past clients have to say.

I personally know Josh at BRS Custom Painting, and the integrity this company has is incredible. Story after story of how they take care of the customer is amazing, and I gladly have, and will, refer them to my friends and family. Thanks for all the great work guys!
Bob Bunch

Bob Bunch

You really can’t go wrong with BRS Custom Painting! They are professional, reliable, and take great pride in their work (which is always excellent and top-notch). Josh is wonderful and stands behind his word and his work. Don’t settle for anything less than BRS!
Cara Bowling

Cara Bowling

BRS Custom came out and stained our new cedar deck and we couldn’t be happier. It looks great and Brandon helped answer all of my questions after the job was done (which was done quickly AND they showed up when they said they would). Thank you guys, would highly recommend.
Bryan Zimmerman

Bryan Zimmerman

I highly recommend BRS custom painting. They did excellent work on my medical practice, and left it impeccably clean when the project was completed. I will use them again without hesitation.
Russell Imboden

Russell Imboden

We’ve referred BRS Custom Painting to several of our real estate clients and friends/family … they do such an incredible job and always hear great feedback! Thank you, BRS for being so easy to refer!
Heather Hussey

Heather Hussey

I would highly recommend BRS customer painting for any of your residential or commercial painting needs. Professional, reliable, and maintains the highest integrity!
Larry Gingrich

Larry Gingrich

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